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Sunday, September 16, 2018
By RIM Photography
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The planning is complete, the vendors are hired, the venue contracted, and all that is left is to get married!  Then weather strikes.  Whether it is rain, snow, sleet, hail, or here in South Carolina, a hurricane, weather can leave a lasting impression and impact on scheduled events, particularly weddings. 


What are some ways that you can prepare to deal with the unpredictability of weather? 


According to Stefania Sainoto of Bridal Guide's Blog (, there are 5 main things you can do to prepare:


1. Purchase wedding insurance: you'll find reviews here:  wedding insurance companies.


2. Develop your Plan B: check all of your contracts for natural disaster clauses. 


3. Let guests know immediately as to the status of your wedding: use a wedding website or Facebook to update and provide weather alerts to your guests.


4. Ask for help: People really do want to pitch in, so delegate the phone calls to wedding party members and family, or in a pinch, your wedding planner.  As the bride or groom, you need to have the big picture in mind, not be in charge of all the details. 


5. Stay positive: you will still get married...eventually!


These tips are important, particularly if you schedule your wedding as an outside celebration, or along the South Carolina coast during hurricane season. So whether it is blankets or wraps that are being provided for guests in chilly weather conditions or a complete date/time/venue change due to severe weather, being prepared is always in order.  Your guests will appreciate you, and most importantly, you will insure less stress and more enjoyment for yourself on your day. 


Thoughtful planning makes for happy weddings! 

Kelley and Chris Nance overcame the odds of an unexpected snowstorm just days before their celebration at their wedding venue, Oldfield Plantation, in Okatie, SC on January 6, 2018. Fur stoles for the bridal party and blankets for the guests cut down on the chill from the surprise snow.

Chelsea Gordin and Jared Rich married at the University of South Carolina's Rutledge Chapel after Hurricane Matthew thwarted their Bluffton area wedding day plans in October 2016.  The couple, who had to evacuate from Bluffton, decided to keep their October 8th wedding day with a handful of guests, head to their honeymoon and celebrate a month later on the coast with a large renewal-of-the-vows wedding and reception.

RIM Photography got featured in The State newspaper when a coastal evacuation made for an impromptu Columbia wedding for Chelsea and Jared at the University of South Carolina campus where they first met. 


WIS-TV highlighted RIM Photography by showcasing photos from Chelsea and Jared's Hurricane Matthew wedding at the University of South Carolina campus where they first met.



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