Have Your Cake...AND Eat It Too!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
By RIM Photography
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Do you remember the old adage, "Pretty is as pretty does?"  Well, that is not only suitable for people, but for your wedding cake as well.  Pretty cakes that are flavorless or worse are not remembered for their outer beauty. 


You want to leave your wedding guests with that last bit of spectacular, flavorful deliciousness as they prepare to herald your departure into your future of wedded bliss.  The wedding cake is the dot on the "i" of your wedding reception, and you want the guests to walk out into the world saying just how wonderful the cake was.  This does not exclude other wedding desserts either.  Whatever it is you serve up to top off the celebration, make it both meaningful and tasty.

Renee and Kyle were married in the quaint Soho South Cafe in Savannah, Ga.  Their cake graced the top of a grand piano and sat center stage under twinkling lights all evening as the guests gathered around them to celebrate.

So what are some wedding cake do's and don'ts, you might ask?  Per The Knot and my general experiences, there are a few you might want to remember:


1. Always do a tasting. This is your time to define what tastes good, ask pertinent questions, determine flavors you truly enjoy and others that you don't.  Also test out the bakers you are interested in, i.e. go to several tastings!






2. Determine your venue (space) and guest list first.  You don't want to order a one tier cake for 350 guests.  The rule of thumb according to The Knot is three tiers for 100-150 guests and five for 200 or greater.  

3.  Consider the weather, especially as you choose your frosting.  You don't want a finely iced fondant cake that begins to sweat and lean as it sits for 4 hours in over 90 degree heat, especially as is the case in the South's summertime wedding season.  You also may not want to sacrifice the tasty fluffiness of buttercream frosting for the smooth thickness of fondant.  One suggestion in The Knot is to put the buttercream below the fondant, or even get a little wild, and add the decadence of ganache to your cake.

4. Save the cake style for last. My staff and I have seen it all!  From elaborate fondant flowers to real flowers, from naked to fully iced, from cupcakes to five tiers, anything is possible, but wait to determine what matches your event to your style.  It is easier to match the cake to the event than to match the event to the cake!

5.  And, finally, keep your expectations in check.  Magazine articles and even photo shoots for specific wedding cakes may spend a great deal of time arranging them and even having back up cakes to shoot.  You have one shot at spending money on the cake, so do it as wisely and informed a fashion as you can.  Also manage your transport of the cake by suggesting that the baker bring it to the venue and set it up for you.  Then sit back and wait to cut it!  It will be lovely...AND delicious!


These tips will help you go a long way towards having the beautiful wedding cake which you deserve, and always remember, as the great American chef Julia Childs said, "Romance is the icing, but love is the cake!"

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